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11th Micropol & Ecohazard
Conference 2019
October 20 (Sun) – 24 (Thu), 2019
Global Convention Plaza,
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Oral Sessions

Program Timetable (Tentative)

October 21, 2019 MondayOctober 22, 2019 TuesdayOctober 23, 2019 Wednesday

Program Timetable (Whole)
*Updated on October 14, 2019
Time Title
[Room: 520] Plenary Lecture 3
Chair: Jeong-Eun OH (Pusan National University, Korea)
9:30-10:10 [PL3] Advanced Techniques for Non-Targeted Analyses

Shane A. SNYDER (Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

[Room: 520] Micropollutants in Drinking Water
Chair: Shane A. SNYDER (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
10:30-11:00 [KLT7-292] Pesticides and Volatile Compounds in Drinking Water Quality Standard: Chemical Mixtures and Indirect Exposure Assessment  

Yoshihiko MATSUI*, Megumi AKIYAMA, Shun NIIZUMA, Kentaro NARITA, Shunto NISHIKAWA, Taku MATSUSHITA, Nobutaka SHIRASAKI (Hokkaido University, Japan)  

11:00-11:20 [ORT1-003] Metabolites of Chloroacetamides within Various French Drinking Water Treatment Plants: Occurrence and Treatability


11:10-11:30 [ORT10-096] Occurrences of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Drinking Water of Taiwan and their Removals in Water Treatment Processes 

Chih-Wei PAI, Gen-Shuh WANG* (National Taiwan University, Taiwan) 

11:40-12:00 [ORT1-086] Target Multiclass EDCs in Tap Water of Different Housing Types in an Urban Settlement

Sze Yee WEE, Ahmad Zaharin ARIS*, Fatimah Md. YUSOFF, Sarva Mangala PRAVEENA (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)

12:00-12:20 [ORT2-120] Exploring Microbial Communities in Aquifers used for Drinking Water Production in The Netherlands

Andrea ALDAS-VARGAS*, Ernestina HAUPTFELD, Gerben HERMES, Siavash ATASHGAHI, Hauke SMIDT, Huub RIJNAARTS, Nora SUTTON (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

[Room: 517] Fate and Removal of Micropollutants in Biological Processes-III
Chair: Juan M. LEMA (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
10:30-10:50 [ORT8-030] Influence of Macro-Substrate Composition in Wastewater on Micropollutant Removal

Anne CHRISTEN1*, Tom GALLÉ2, Christian KÖHLER2, Paul WILMES2, Zuzana FRKOVA1, Joachim HANSEN1 (1University of Luxembourg, 2Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxembourg)

10:50-11:10 [ORT8-123] Biological Pre-Treatment for Ozonation of Micropollutants in Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent

Koen VAN GIJN*, Sheng GONG, Bas VAN OUDHEUSDEN, A. DE WILT, Huub RIJNAARTS, Alette LANGENHOFF (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

11:10-11:30 [ORT8-128] Combining PAC-adsorption and Nitrification in an MBBR

Ellen EDEFELL1*, Michael CIMBRITZ1, Elias THÖRNQVIST1, Haitham EL-TALIAWY2, Maria EKENBERG3, Cecilia BURZIO4, Oskar MODIN4, Frank PERSSON4, Britt-Marie WILÉN4, Kai BESTER2, Per FALÅS1 (1Lund University, 2Aarhus University, 3Veolia Water Technologies, 4Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

11:30-11:50 [ORT8-171] Fate of Organic Micropollutants during the Preconcentration Step of Organic Carbon in Novel Wastewater Treatment Plant Configurations 

Anton TABOADA-SANTOS*, Lidia PAREDES, Marta CARBALLA, Francisco OMIL, Juan M. LEMA (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 

11:50-12:10 [ORT8-197] How Should ECOHAZARD of MICROPOLlutants in Wastewater Be Gauged? Using Bioassays to Profile Alternative Tertiary Treatments 

Matteo PAPA1*, Lidia PAREDES2, Donatella FERETTI1, Gaia VIOLA1, Giovanna MAZZOLENI1, Nathalie STEIMBERG1, Roberta PEDRAZZANI1, Juan LEMA2, Francisco OMIL2, Marta CARBALLA2 (1University of Brescia,Italy, 2Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 

[Room: 513] Nano-Enabled Water Technologies for Micropollutant Control-I
Chair: Pedro J.J. ALVAREZ (Rice University, USA)
10:30-10:50 [ORT5-100] Simple Preparation Method of EPS-TiO2 Composite as a Floating Photocatalyst for Water Purification

Chang-Gu LEE*, Youn-Jun LEE, Seong-Jik PARK, Pedro J.J. ALVAREZ (1Ajou University, 2Hankyong National University, Korea, 3Rice University, USA)

10:50-11:10 [ORT5-016] Activation of Peroxymonosulfate by g-C3N4 under Visible Light Irradiation for Carbamazepine Degradation

Li LING, Zihang CHENG, Chii SHANG* (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China)

11:10-11:30 [ORT5-097] Photocatalysis Assisted by Peroxymonosulfate for Perfluorooctanoic Acid Removal in Ga2O3/UV system

Bentuo XU, John ZHOU* (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

11:30-11:50 [ORT9-071] Degradation of Bisphenol a by Peroxymonosulfate Activated with CuMnO2 Nanoparticles: Efficiency and Mechanism 

Xiaohui FAN, Bin DENG, Haibin HUANG, Heng LIN, Hui ZHANG* (Wuhan University, China) 

11:50-12:10 [ORT5-196] Chitosan-MnO2 Nanocomposite for Effective Removal of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solutions

Van–Phuc DINH*, Thien–Hoang HO, LV TAN (Duy Tan University, Vietnam) 

[Room: 516] Special Topic I. Antibiotic Resistance -1
Chair: Diana S. AGA (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, USA)
10:30-10:50 [ORS1-178] Acquisition of Extracellular DNA by Acinetobacter Baylyi ADP1 in Response to Mutagenic Stress from Disinfection Strategies

David MANTILLA-CALDERON, Nicolas AUGSBURGER, Peiying HONG* (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia)

10:50-11:10 [ORS1-057] Occurrence and Fate of Antibiotics, ARB, and ARGs in a Full-scale Wastewater Treatment Plant

Ngoc Han TRAN*, Thai Hoang LE, Charmaine NG, Hongjie CHEN, Karina Yew-Hoong GIN (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

11:10-11:30 [ORS1-077] Modeling Transport of Escherichia Coli and Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGs) in a Recreational Beach

Minjeong KIM, Kyung Hwa CHO*, Yong Sung KWON, Sangsoo BEAK, Jongcheol PYO, Mayzonee LIGARAY (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea)

11:30-11:50 [ORS1-244] The Fate of Antibiotic Resistance Genes during Start-Up of Thermophilic Anaerobic Digestion  

Jingyeong SHIN1, Hyun Min JANG2, Young Mo KIM1* (1Hanyang University, 2Chonbuk National University, Korea)  

11:50-12:10 [ORS1-274] Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance Phenotypes in Liquid By-Products Generated at Municipal Solid Waste Plant 

Aneta LUCZKIEWICZ1, Ewa KOTLARSKA2, Anna BARANIAK3, Sylwia FUDALA-KSIAZEK1* (1Gdansk University of Technology, 2Polish Academy of Sciences, 3National Medicines Institute, Poland) 

[Room: 520] Screening and Analytical Methods of Micropollutants in Water
Chair: Yoshihiko MATSUI (Hokkaido University, Japan)
13:30-13:50 [ORT2-237] Effect-Directed Analysis with a Combination of HPTLC and a Bioassay for the Simultaneous Detection of Three Endocrine Effects

Nicolai BAETZ1*, Torsten SCHMIDT2, Jochen TUERK1 (1Institute of Energy- and Environmental Technology, 2University Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

13:50-14:10 [ORT1-066] Determination of Organophosphate Flame Retardants in Great Lake Fish Samples using Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry 

Yeowool CHOI1, Chunyan HAO2, Dave MORSE2, Paul HELM2, Satyendra BHAVSAR2, Sang Don KIM1,3* (1Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Korea, 2Conservation and Parks, Canada, 3Center for chemicals risk assessment, Korea) 

14:10-14:30 [ORT1-202] Target, Suspect and Nontarget Screening for Tracking Organic Contaminants in Nakdong River and its Tributaries, Korea 

Naree PARK, Junho JEON* (Changwon National University, Korea) 

14:30-14:50 [ORT2-320] Nanostructure-Based Raman Spectroscopy for Monitoring Waterborne Micropollutants and Biohazards 

Sang-Woo JOO (Soongsil University, Korea) 

14:50-15:10 [ORT2-132] Monitoring of the Natural Toxin Ptaquiloside in Groundwater - a Novel Sample Preparation Method 

Natasa SKRBIC1*, Lars H. RASMUSSEN2, Ann-Katrin PEDERSEN3, Sarah C. B. CHRISTENSEN3, Hans Chr. BRUUN HANSEN1 (1University of Copenhagen, 2University College Copenhagen, 3Greater Copenhagen Utility HOFOR, Denmark) 

[Room: 517] Fate and Removal of Micropollutants in Biological Processes-IV
Chair: Jeonghwan KIM (Inha University, Korea)
13:30-13:50 [ORT8-253] Cometabolic Biotransformation of Organic Micropollutants under Aerobic Heterotrophic Conditions

David M. KENNES-VEIGA*, Lorena GÓNZALEZ-GIL, Marta CARBALLA, Juan M. LEMA (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

13:50-14:10 [ORT8-256] Removal of Contaminants of Emerging Concern from High Nitrogenous anMBR Effluent with Advanced Oxidation and Granular Activated Carbon

Nicolas AUGSBURGER, Noor ZAOURI, Peiying HONG* (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia)

14:10-14:30 [ORT8-261] How Can be Boosted the Biotransformation of Organic Micropollutants during Anaerobic Digestion? 

Lorena GONZALEZ-GIL, Marta CARBALLA,  Juan M. LEMA* (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 

14:30-14:50 [ORS1-279] Influence of Side Stream Supersaturated Aeration Technology on Membrane Fouling and Azithromycin Removal in a Membrane Bioreactor

Sang Yeob KIM1*, Giovanna Guarinoni ARDITO1, Josip ĆURKO2, Hector GARCIA HERNANDEZ1, Marin MATOŠIĆ2 (1IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands, 2University of Zagreb, Croatia)

14:50-15:10 [ORT8-042] Elucidation of Micropollutants Biodegradation Mechanisms in Tertiary MBBR Treatment

Albasi CLAIRE1*, Ouali SALMA1, Abtahi MEHRAN1, Joannis Cassan CLAIRE1, Beaufort SANDRA1, Juppeau AGATHE1, Pecastaing SOPHIE1, Trotouin THIERRY2, Terrisse FANNY3, Gerbore JONATHAN3 (1Université de Toulouse, 2Veolia, 3BIOVITIS SA, France)

[Room: 513] Nano-Enabled Water Technologies for Micropollutant Control-II
Chair: Timothy J. STRATHMANN (Colorado School of Mines, USA)
13:30-14:00 [KLT5-301] Toward Single Atom Catalysis for Environmental Application  

Jaehong KIM (Yale University, USA)   

14:00-14:20 [ORT8-172] Simple Iron Immobilization on Graphene Oxide for Persulfate Activation: Radicals and Singlet Oxygen Mediated Oxidation

Yu-Gyeong KANG1, Huong Chi VU1, Hakwon YOON1, Jaehwan KIM2, Yoon-Seok CHANG1* (1Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), 2Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources, Korea)

14:20-14:40 [ORT8-174] Effect of Structure and Fluorine Position on Hydrodefluorination of Fluoroaromatic Pollutants by Zeolite Supported Rh-Based Catalysts

Seon Young AN, Jong Kwon CHOE* (Seoul National University, Korea)

14:40-15:00 [ORT5-043] Surface Defective Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Enhanced Catalytic Activity in Fenton-Like Reactions

Sawaira ADIL1, Woong Sub KIM1,2, Seok Won HONG1, Seunghyun LEE2, Eun-Ju KIM1* (1Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), 2Gachon University, Korea)

[Room: 516] Special Topic I. Antibiotic Resistance -2
Chair: Michael K. STENSTROM (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
13:30-14:00 [KLT2-308] Global Reconnaissance of Antimicrobials in Surface Water by Target and Non-target Analysis   

Diana S. AGA, Luisa ANGELES (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, USA)   

14:00-14:20 [ORS1-084] Are ESBL-Producing E. Coli Isolated from a WWTP Effluent More Resistant to UV Light at Different Wavelengths?

Oriana JOVANOVIC1, Carlos F. AMÁBILE-CUEVAS2, Chii SHANG1*, Chao WANG3 (1The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China, 2Fundación Lusara, Mexico, 3Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China)

14:20-14:40 [ORS1-124] Free Extracellular DNA Removal from Water and WWTP Effluent by Adsorption on Activated Carbon and Zeolites

Daniela REIF*, Katarzyna SLIPKO, Norbert KREUZINGER (TU Wien, Austria)

 14:40-15:00 [ORS1-218] The Effects of the Reactive Oxygen Species on Antibiotic Gene Transfer

Jungyu KIM, Sungpyo KIM* (Korea University, Korea)

15:00-15:20 [22OR-36] Fate of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Review and Some Recent Results  

Renjie LI, Michael K. STENSTROM* ((University of California, Los Angeles, USA)  

[Room: 520] Special Topic II. Microplastics -1
Chair: Patrick BAUERLEIN (KWR Watercycle Research Institute, The Netherlands)
15:30-16:00 [KLS2-147] Transport of Microplastics from Rivers to Oceans

Lei MAI, Eddy Y. ZENG* (Jinan University, China)

16:00-16:20 [ORS2-158] Occurrence of Microplastics in Korean Agricultural Environment

Seung-Kyu KIM*, Insung KIM, Hwang LEE (Incheon National University, Korea)

16:20-16:40 [ORS2-222] Distribution of Microplastics in Han River and Fish in the River

 Tae-Jin PARK1, Seung-Hyun LEE1, Su-Kyung LEE1, Jae-Kwan LEE1, Soo-Hyung LEE1, Kyung-Duk ZOH2* (1National Institute of Environmental Research, 2Seoul National University, Korea) 

16:40-17:00 [ORS2-281] Fate and Occurrence of Microplastic in Chi River, Thailand

 Jutamas KAEWSUK*, Wacharapon SANTIWACHARANURUK, Sadanan SRIWUTTHIPONG (Mahasarakham University, Thailand) 

17:00-17:20 [ORS2-167] Occurrence and Discharge of MPs from the Five Major Rivers of South Korea: Abundance, Composition Pattern, and Discharge 

Hee-Jee LEE, Ji-Su KIM, Dong-Hoon IM, Seung-Kyu KIM* (Incheon National University, Korea) 

[Room: 517] Innovative Oxidative Treatment Processes for Micropollutant Control
Chair: Jochen TUERK (IUTA - Institut für Energie- und Umwelttechnik e. V., Germany)
15:30-15:50 [ORT8-064] The Electro-Peroxone Process for the Abatement of Emerging Contaminants: From Batch to Pilot Scale

Huijiao WANG, Weikun YAO, Yujue WANG* (Tsinghua University, China)

15:50-16:10 [ORT8-119] Effect of Ozonation on Ecotoxicity Removal from Tank Truck Cleaning Wastewater

Sven POELMANS1*, Maarten NAGELS2, Mélanie MIGNOT2, Raf DEWIL2, Deirdre CABOOTER2, Jan DRIES1 (1University of Antwerp, 2KULeuven, Belgium)

16:10-16:30 [ORT10-055] Effect of Ozonation and Photo-Oxidation of Organic Micropollutants in Municipal Sewage

Nikolai OTTO1*, Elisa SCHOENELL2, Marco RODRIGUES2, Jörg METZGER1 (1University of Stuttgart, Germany, 2Feevale University, Brazil)

16:30-16:50 [ORT8-023] Pharmaceuticals Removal by UV and UV/H2O2 in a Wide Range of Water And Wastewater Matrices

Alessio CIBATI1, Rafael GONZALEZ-OLMOS2, Ignasi RODRIGUEZ-RODA1, Sara RODRIGUEZ-MOZAZ1, Gianluigi BUTTIGLIERI1* (1ICRA - Catalan Institute for Water Research, 2IQS School of Engineering, Spain)

16:50-17:10 [ORT8-028] Microbubble Ozonation of the Antioxidant Butylated Hydroxytoluene: Degradation Kinetics and Toxicity Reduction 

Jerry COLLINCE ACHAR, Gwiwoong NAM1, Mohamed MOHAMED2, Jinho JUNG* (1Korea University, Korea, 2United Arab Emirates University, UAE) 

[Room: 513] Chemistry for Micropollutant Abatement in Oxidative Treatment Processes-II
Chair: Urs Von GUNTEN (Eawag, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Switzerland)
15:30-15:50 [ORT8-282] Roles of Halogen Radicals in the Degradation of Emerging Contaminants by the UV/chlorine Process

Zihao WU, Kaiheng GUO, Xiujuan KONG, Jingyun FANG* (Sun Yat-sen University, China)

15:50-16:10 [ORT8-311] A Robust Ti/Sb-SnO2 Anode with N/C-doped Interlayers for Enhanced 1,4-Dioxane Degradation

Naresh MAMEDA, Hyeona PARK, Kwang-Ho CHOO* (Kyungpook National University, Korea)

16:10-16:30 [ORT8-037]Micropollutant Removal by UV-LED/chlorine Advanced Oxidation Process Followed by Activated Carbon Adsorption

Ran YIN, Chii SHANG* (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, China)

16:30-16:50 [ORT8-012] Determination of Rate Constants for the Reaction of Cl and Cl2- with Trace Organic Contaminants

Yu LEI, Xin YANG* (Sun Yat-sen University, China)

16:50-17:10 [ORT8-130] Comparison of Soil Washing Effluent Treatment by UVB activation of Persulfate and Hydrogen Peroxide Processes

Yufang TAO1,2, Marcello BRIGANTE2, Hui ZHANG1*, Gilles MAILHOT2 (1Wuhan University, China, 2Université Clermont Auvergne, France)

[Room: 516] Special Session - Fight-Back Strategy against the Spread of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance in Aquatic Environment: A Holistic Approach for Livestock Manure Management
*Chair: Sungpyo KIM (Korea University, Korea)
15:30-15:35 Opening address

Kyung-Duk ZOH (Seoul National University, Korea)

15:35-15:40  Welcome Remarks  

Y. S. AHN (Jeollanam-do Environmental Industries Promotion Institute, Korea)

15:40-16:00 [SS1-1] Comparison of Different Workflows in Non-Target Analysis of Surface Water Samples using Orbitrap LC-MS  

 Diana S. AGA* , Ping HE, Grace GUARDIAN (University at Buffalo, USA) (University at Buffalo, USA) 

16:00-16:20 [SS1-2] Source and Mechanisms of Occurrence of Antimicrobial Resistance in the Aquatic Environment 

Sungwoo BAE*, Carl Angelo Dulatre MEDRIANO (National University of Singapore, Singapore) 

16:20-16:40 [SS1-3] Spread of Antibiotics from Livestock Manure and Holistic Approach for Developing Fight-Back Strategies  

Seokjong BYUN1*, C. Kang1, S. Cha1, H.-C. Kim2, S. Kim2, C. Han3 (1Jeollanamdo Environmental Industries Promotion Institute, 2Korea University, 3Inha University, Korea)

16:40-17:00 [SS1-4] Advanced Oxidation Processes for Decomposing Contaminants of Emerging Concern in the Effluent of Manure Treatment  

C. HAN1, Y. PARK1, D. KANG1, Y. CHOI1, S. BYUN2, S. KIM3, H.-C. KIM3 (1Inha University, 2Jeollanamdo Environmental Industries Promotion Institute, 3Korea University, Korea)

17:00-17:30 Discussion


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